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I'm always looking for exciting contractor roles as UX-UI Designer here in London.

If you like my projects and you want to see more please get in touch!


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Canotate is a simple, beautiful tool for annotating and collaborating on anything visual, created by Wilsonfletcher London

Bringing a wonderful reading experience on Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a great OS, but its apps ecosystem is still missing the big names.
That’s why Nicholas Valbusa and I have decided to fill the missing Flipboard-gap on this platform.
After the development, we suddenly realised that the app is nowadays far more powerful than the original Flipboard idea, and we like it!


Currently leading the marketplace, we were also sponsored and received a number of awards from Microsoft and Nokia, not to mention that a hundred thousand users are loving it.





Collector WP




Studies of the new version

Nicholas Valbusa and I always dreamed to create a new version of Collector, here next few screens of our idea of the new look of Collector app!

To create a good product you need:

a good idea, a good team, a good responsive marketing page!