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I'm always looking for exciting contractor roles as UX-UI Designer here in London.

If you like my projects and you want to see more please get in touch!


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Mister Dress up T-shirt

Michela Tannoia

Hi everyone!
Some days ago a nice american guy contacted me to ask if I would be interested to print some of my graphics as limited edition for 7 days on his website.

I was wondering about the "7 days" part when I realised what kind of website he was talking about, and I became so happy!
Yes, I'm sure sometimes you waste your work-time looking at the fantastic t-shirts that are on selling here

I often decide to spend my few money in these funny and unique graphic ideas, but today it's your turn! (hahah, just kidding... maybe...)

I know that for a man without crutches is probably not a good idea to wear a t-shirt with a pink and cute Mail-racoon, but look at him.. isn't he amazing?
My Monday just started in cool way thanks to MisterDressUp.