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Coolest - The concept app

Michela Tannoia

As most designers I can't show the most important part of my job, like the early stage of a project where everything have to be decided yet and where big decisions are taken and those decisions will influence the entire future of the project.

This situation can be frustrating because very often likely new clients contact me sure about the fact I can work just as visual because online they couldn't find anything else!

So I thought: how I can show something of my UX work without infringe any contract? 
Of course, creating a concept for an app to show step by step of the work being done during the process.

Obviously it is a fictional work with just few pages and functionality, and as a full time worker will take time before realise the full prototipe, but the process will be real.


So if you like to know the concept of this work keep reading the brief of my own idea:

The "problem"

Never happen to you to find some very nice place in the street and think "Wow, Maria or my boyfriend/wife/parents will love this caffe, i want remember this place for the next time there is an important event or they comes to visit me in the city" and regulary when the moment it's coming, your brain just get blank and you have no idea where take them, so by the end you will choose some random place and for all the time you will think "mmmm, I sure, somewhere I saw a couple of perfect places. Why I can't remember them! I'm a super dumb for not saving name and address"

The solution

So the basic concept is to create an Android and IOS app with functionality same to the old Foursquare where the user could save name and address of bars, restaurants or other places in a list but the app will be much more clean, easy to use and its main action is to save places under the name of people that we want take there for some occasion.