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Travel won't be the same

We want to let you enjoy tours driven by people that live just right there.

Getting in touch with a local guide is the best way to discover new places and things to do that you  wouldn’t be able to find in a travel book. Belocal puts travelers in touch with independent guides around the world, and will be one of the best ways to explore hidden spots and enjoying culture exchange with locals.



Belocal was born from an idea Alex di Mango had, and when he asked to Nicholas Valbusa and me if we could help him realise his idea it , took us just a few seconds to say yes!


WHAT MAKES BELOCAL INTERESTING AND different from other apps?

Belocal is trying to join two different concepts into a single platform:


Independent Guides

The first is keep trying to help people to connect with other professionals like other services have done successfully over the last few years. Belocal gives anybody the opportunity to be a travel guide and a traveller at the same time, where he/she will be able to create and submit interesting tours and potentially earn some extra money by bringing people around.


At the same time, a user can be a traveller and find tailor-made tours for any budget, while still being able to find some daily experiences with Belocal to further enhance his tour.



Browse through a curated shortlist of the most original tours in town.


Request a booking in just a few simple steps via the iPhone/Android app.


Meet your local and get around with him/her, making the most of your day.


Tour Operators

What makes Belocal really unique is our desire to become a worldwide showcase...


...of a big curated selection of tours by major international tour operators and also medium and small-sized less known operators that still have decades of experience in the travel sector.


During the past few years when thinking about travels organised by tour operators I've always imagined a classic and boring touristic village on a tropical island with nothing to do. 


However, since I started working on Belocal I have been surprised more than once after finding out amazing trips in places I've never seen even on a map, and that's where started our desire to bring back this bespoke experiences made from specialised companies to a young audience that can't wait to create their best memories around the world.

We aim to offer just the tours that shares our philosophy, thought a broad range of different kind of tours will be offered, from a whale watching experience to a cruise on the Senna.

this is our start!

As passionate travellers as Nicholas and I are, the one thought we had in mind was “I can’t wait to publish it to start using it!”

Services like Belocal aren't new to the market, but after having seen most of our direct competitors we understood that none of them had a great design and a good working app, Which therefore pushed us to start without any sort of worry or fear.

I still don’t know whether Belocal will make it or not but I’ve 

already learned a lot from this experience. It was both fun and stressful at the same time to be working with my friends on a
project that we can truly call our own. I also find it very exciting when I see people taking a real
interest in something we have worked on with so much passion.

we are really proud to have created a product so Complete

Not just because the app is developed on IOS and Android as well - with already in the list the Windows phone app version - but also for all the aspects around the product, starting from the nice marketing page ri-made twice for the new requirements of the app in these months of development with custom illustration that are integral part of the style of belocal...

...and a perfect and curate responsive design that can’t never miss in any our work.

thanks to Nicholas Valbusa we have strong APIs and two beautiful forms to apply tours, one dedicated just for the Independent Guides and one more specific and complex for the tour operators

.... of course also the webapp is perfectly responsive!


belocal backstage